Privacy Policy

Information about data protection
The onSET is a web based placement test that measures general proficiency in foreign languages. The onSET is a cloze test based on the C-test principle. The Gesellschaft f�r Akademische Studienvorbereitung und Testentwicklung e.V. or TestDaF-Institut („g.a.s.t.“) collects data of participants to conduct this test. Parts of this data are personally identifiable. g.a.s.t. uses this data in compliance with the German data protection act in a confidential and responsible way. In general, the collected data is required for the test. Some additional data is used for scientific purposes. The research of g.a.s.t. is mostly directed to assure the quality of the test and to check the validity in the long term. Access to personal non-anonymized data of participants of the test is restricted to authorized personnel of the TestDaF-Institut. Access is granted on need-to-know basis for conducting the test and providing test results. Test centres have limited access to only this data which is needed to conduct the test. The Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst (DAAD) supports this project and has access to data that are necessary for the verification of the test results and the project monitoring. If data is used for scientific purposes, it will in principle be anonymized, as to assure that none of the participants can be identified. Because results of the test and the related certificate are valid indefinitely and g.a.s.t. allows to verify test results without limitation, data is kept indefinitely until a data subject requests its deletion. A request of deletion of data should be addressed informally to g.a.s.t. Every participant has access to personal data at any time and can alter data until the examination. After the examination, allowed changes are limited. Some kinds of data like address or phone number can be changed, but this is not possible with data related to the certification or the identity like names and birthdate.

Informed consent
I give my consent that g.a.s.t. and, if required, the test centre I chose and the DAAD, collects, stores and uses my personal data for conducting the test, the verification of the test results, the project monitoring and the scientific use. Data is only used for scientific purposes if it is anonymized.
My data will be deleted on my request. I may ask g.a.s.t. in writing with a proof of identity to do so.