Who Can Take the onSET for Refugees

The onSET for refugees is available for refugees in Germany:
– Individuals with a BÜMA/certificate of residence (notification of the claim for asylum prior to registration pursuant to § 63a AsylG)
– Asylum seekers (ongoing proceedings – residency permit pursuant to § 55 AslyVfG)
– Tolerated foreign nationals (temporary suspension of removal – tolerated pursuant to § 60a AufenthG)
– Individuals granted asylum pursuant to Art. 16A GG/GFK (residency permit pursuant to § 25 para. 1 AufenthG)
– Recognized refugees pursuant to § 3 AsylVfG (residency permit pursuant to §25 para. 2 p.1/1 AufenthG)
– Individuals granted subsidiary protection pursuant to §4 AsylVfG (residency permit pursuant to §25 para. 2 S.1/2. AufenthG)
– Persons protected from removal pursuant to §60 para. 5 and 7 AufenthG (residency permit pursuant to §25 para. 3 AufenthG)
– Persons with a residence permit in accordance with § 22 S. 1 and 2, §23 par. 1, 2 and 4, § 24 and § 25 par. 5 AufenthG
– Family members (parents, children, spouses), who have joined recognised refugees or asylum seekers as defined under the Geneva Convention or those granted subsidiary protection, may also participate in the free review process if they can provide proof that the “principal” person (the first to be granted refugee status) has a residence permit.

You will be asked for your status when registering for the test. You will then be able to take the test free of charge. Please have photos or scanned residency documents ready; you will be asked to upload documents when registering.