The Test Procedure

To participate in the onSET you need a computer or laptop with an internet connection.

A quiet environment is important.

First, register for the onSET. Please make sure to have your residence permit ready (see: Who can take the onSET for Refugees). Be careful that you upload a document with information that exactly conforms with the information that you stated for registration. Otherwise you will be suspended from further tests.

You can choose whether the onSET-Portal is displayed in German or English. Instructions appear in your chosen language before and during the test. Once you have selected the language you can then decide: Do you want to test your German language skills with the onSET-Deutsch or your English skills with onSET-English? The choice depends on whether you want to attend a language course for German or English.You can take the test for both languages. After you have completed one language version, you simply select the other version and work on that one.

When you start the onSET, you will be given instructions for completing the gap fill exercises. After you have read the instructions you can start the test. Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the test execution, if possible, because other browsers may cause problems.

IMPORTANT: Dictionaries or word lists cannot be used during the test. Do not let anyone else take the test for you or assist you in completing the test. Your test result will only be valid if you take the test yourself and without assistance. This way you can be sure to find the language course that is right for you.