The benefits for universities

With onSET, universities can…

…determine the language level of learners and assign them to language courses.
…measure the progress of learners.
…ascertain readiness for language tests.
…offer proof of language proficiency for employment purposes.

With language placement, you can easily build homogenous groups for your language courses and test the progress of your language learners. This increases learning success.
Your language learners also receive a prediction of their success in a high-stakes language test like the TestDaF. The TestDaF is required for admission to a degree course in Germany.
For job seekers, onSET is also proof of language proficiency in German or English.

Participants know their language level immediately after the test. The test lasts a maximum of 30 minutes.

onSET placement is based on the CEFR and indicates a level between A2 and B2. Below A2 and above B2 is not differentiated.